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Minimum accepted donation is R200

Wait period from 1 up to 6 months

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Participant testimonials

My name is George. I have just bought a petrol garage. Thank you Women In Move.


My daughter needed R24000.00 for University fees. Loan sharks made this impossible. Because I am blacklisted, Banks declined my application. Women In Move community came to my rescue. Thanks to you all.

Ms Duduzile Tshoba

my name is Slindile from durban iph 500 with my earning for 4months igh for4689 thank mlc you r my superstar


I was basically just testing MLC, but I got paid and am going to make a.New dream... I'm so excited... Thanx MLC


M so happy. Thank you MLC you are a life changer. Poverty will definitely fall.


Hi everyone, On the the22 August I provided help of R500 and on the 22 Srptember I got help of R875 . I am so happy because all the people allocated to me paid on time. MLC is works!!


Good afternoon my family .i made my dream of R500 for 1month foday i recieved amount of R875 thank you very much. Mylifechange god bless you. Uya rock


I would like to thank mlc for the change the bought on my choice today I will be able to pay my kids school FEES thank u thank u God bless everyone who become a member


I made a dream of R10000 for one month and on the 28 September it matured, I was fully paid 17500 . im beginning to see my dream of building a house come true. Im donating it all again. Thanks to MLC- Lives are changing indeed


I made a dream of R2000 for one month and i was paid R3500 yesterday 29 September in less than 24 hours after withdrawing. viva MLC viva. Indeed MLC is a life saver. I am reinvesting all of my money >>>>>


Hi, I am Owitha from KwaZulu Natal......i made a dream of R 1000 for 1 month and it matured on the 30th September.....I was fully paid within 4 hours......Thank you MLC family......


I created a dream of 200 on the 7th of August n got helped on the 7th of September mlc ya rocker Viva mlc Viva


Wow Boom R8750 thank u Mlc....I'm fully paid


Im so proud of being a member of MLC it is really a life changer in a positive way..forward MLC


my choice change 247 has made everything possible for me,im happy of how their service is.I haven't had any problems everything is smooth,I am happy of the money I got and satisfied.Thank you very much my choice for making the life easier.


I feel extremely happy, after trying way many stokvels and losing money, I was glad when I found one that paid me. Thank you to the creator of this wonderful community


My money was in my account before the day ended, viva MLC viva....and thanks to all the faithful members.


Luzmatols: MLC family, remember we are a big family of friends simply helping out one another. Please recommit for the continuation of this helping hand. I am so delighted, all my dresms have come through


Hi everyone my name is Martha from Gauteng today I am so happy. Thank u very much for the founder of MLC. I pH with R2000.00 on the 4 July for two months and I received R6125.00 on the 4 September the same day. Forward we go no more poverty.


Myifechange247 let's keep it these way I got my mooola and iv provide again


Fully paid thank you MLC Rocks.... that was my first payment and many more will follow


Thank you MLC members to contribute to my dream of R5000 for 1 month. I received all my donations less than 48 hrs . This is my choice change I don't know you what I you waiting for